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Beyond The Rising Sun
Technical Mysteries of the Bible Age of Earth Quandary

Significant Findings of Science and the Bible
Intellectually Honest Inquiry Recognizes:

For example Psalm 104 has traditionally been recognized as a prayer of praise to God illustrated by wonders of nature.  It is now recognized to be a chronologically ordered list of technical details about the origins from eternity past to eternity future illustrated with future uses of various items in the development.  See A Commentary on Psalm 104.

The significance of the book of Job is not in its story of the righteous sufferer, but in the wealth of technical information in the realm of science that is beyond the possibility of human origin, recorded in very ancient times, and preserved for us today by virtue of its medium of recording is assumed to be sacred religious writings, religiously preserved. Therein is published information about the origin of the continents as suddenly emerging from below sea level of an ocean covered planet without dry land. That is the same information passed by Joseph to the high priest at the Ancient Egyptian temple to the sun god at Heliopolis, Egypt, long before that same information showed up in the Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth, somewhat distorted. Subsequently that same information was further distorted nearly beyond recognition by Ancient Greek Scholars before making its way back into the bible via the translation from Ancient Hebrew to Ancient Greek about 250 BC at the Legendary Library of Science at Alexandria Egypt by scientists with the Ancient Greek worldview. Yet, that same original unscathed information is preserved in the book of Job, in the 104th Psalm, and in other biblical creation accounts.

But, the most significance of it all is the fact that four of those technical details recorded in the book of Job, known to Joseph, transferred to the Ancient Egyptian religion, distorted by humans; four of those technical details were not discovered and published by modern science until May 24, 2018, fully ten years after recognized in the myriad of biblical creation accounts and published in the book "Eyewitness to the Origins" in 2007.

That technical information recorded in the oldest book of the bible and preserved there unscathed for thousands of years, being beyond possibility of being of human origin, is scientific evidence for the non-human origin of the technical information recorded in the Ancient Scriptures of the bible; scientific evidence for the existence of an eternally existing creator as defined in those same Ancient Scriptures.

There is a wealth of technical information in the Ancient Scriptures of the bible providing scientific evidence that the source of that information could not have been human.

In the bible there are at least 34 major accounts of creation,
Not just the one that is familiar to everyone
and found up front in the bible.
In Addition to the bible, there are two more
written in the creation itself.
All of those accounts of the origins, interleaved and laid end to end,
Stretch all the way from Eternity Past to Eternity Future
And it was all recorded thousands of years ago
before any discovery of modern science.

And the discoveries of modern science
Are independently verifying the validity of the bible accounts.
If the bible is credible in areas of science that can be checked, such as earth earth science,
What, then do you do with what the bible says about eternal life?

It is Important:
“And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42 (KJV)
Each year, as we send our brightest young people to college, over sixty percent of those who have been brought up in the church and have been taught that the bible teaches things that it doesn’t really teach, fall away from their faith in the bible when they are confronted with true evidence that what they have been taught and reality do not coincide. The problem is, what we teach them is not what the bible really teaches. The bible really is in accord with reality. Theologians have methodically ignored most of the Biblical creation accounts. Most theologians appear to be unaware that they even exist as creation accounts. This list is the result of untold hours of research to find all the lesser known creation accounts hidden in the bible and to track down the best guess as to the year and place written. No where could I find a complete list so I had to do the work myself. And here it is free to you with my hope that you will make good use of it. In this list, each of the creation accounts is listed in order of the date of the original recording. Each account is named and is referenced in the usual technical writing practice as to author and date of writing. This information is from the book, Eyewitness to the Origins, by Max B. Frederick. In that book you will find detailed information, interpretation of the science in the bible, the history of science and the bible and lots more.
Click here for a complete list of the thirty-four biblical creation accounts.

Nearly fifty years ago, November 14, 1969, at 11:22 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, thirty-six and a half seconds after lift off, lightning struck and followed the conductive vapor plume of the Apollo 12 rocket trail directly to the launchpad on the ground.

In 1969, it was a complete surprise that the Apollo 12's rising vapor plume caused lightning to be directed to the ground; to its own launchpad.  NASA had not anticipated it.

Some thirty years after Apollo 12, in 2003, humans had gained sufficient knowledge to invent a lightning rocket that applied the same scientific principles for the specific purpose of directing lightning to its own launchpad by means of a rising vapor plume.

Meanwhile, modern science has learned many technical details about the physics of air and water and how to direct its strike utilizing those unique properties.

Those newly discovered technical details are reviewed in this paper and compared to the technical details recorded in an ancient account from some three thousand years ago.  Those recorded technical details indicate ancient knowledge of the science behind directed lightning; ancient knowledge of technical information only recently discovered by modern science.

Modern science recently announced the discovery of something that was already published, thousands of years ago in the ancient religious literature of the Hebrews and the Egyptians. The discovery was that the continents formed suddenly, emerging from below the water of our previously ocean covered planet. Four other significant technical details are in this discovery. All five technical details are mentioned in that ancient literature.

Secular scholars have postulated that those ancient writings are myth; the Egyptian came first then copied by the Hebrews and adapted to their religion. But where did that ancient information originally come from? One is obviously copied from the other. Which came first? This new scientific discovery is evidence that bears on that question. This latest scientific discovery shows that the technical details in those ancient accounts are true.

Now that we are dealing with true details in accounts of actual events, strict rules apply.

Did the Egyptian Creation Myth come first, then copied by the Hebrews? Technical details in the ancient accounts along with modern science discovery dictate otherwise. There is a basic principle that applies to accounts of actual events. A copy cannot have more correct technical detail than the original. The technical details in the current modern science discovery were published first in the Ancient Hebrew literature. Later they were copied into the Ancient Egyptian religion. The evidence shows how this could have happened.

Remember the story in the bible about Joseph the Hebrew whose brothers had sold into slavery and ended up in Egypt where he rose to prominence? Pharaoh of Egypt himself, upon recognizing Joseph as a religious man, arranged for a marriage between Joseph and the daughter of the religious leader of Egypt. His father-in-law, Potipherah was priest of the temple in the Ancient city of Heliopolis. That was the temple at the center of the Egyptian Sun God worship, where the Egyptian Creation Myth originated. Joseph remembered his Hebrew religion. Could that be where the Ancient Egyptian Religion got the information which was already in the more detailed Hebrew Writings?

There are many creation accounts in the bible, not just the one up front. Those accounts, although ignored for thousands of years, contain a wealth of technical information about the origins. Those ancient biblical accounts mention on the order of a hundred technical details that are consistent with technical details that either have been, or are being confirmed by modern science discovery. The Egyptian Creation Myth, the assumed original, contains only five of those details. The lesser technical details cannot be the source of the more.

Ironically, researchers typically opposed to a creator are the ones discovering this evidence. Even more ironic is the fact that this information that is in the process of being discovered by science has been in the bible for thousands of years, and experts, scientists and theologians alike have been blinded to it. But it is there, plain and simple, for all to see.  more

Christians are faced with a quandary.

Their good book contains a schedule of the origins that puts everything into a six-day chronology only a few thousand years ago. 

For thousands of years that six-day chronology has been assumed to be the official biblical position concerning the beginnings.

A few hundred years ago a dilemma arose when modern science began discovering the six-day chronology is in conflict with reality.

Untold effort has gone into resolving the conflict, but to no avail.  There have been many attempts, but until now there has been no consensus on how to reconcile the two. 

Intellectually honest analysis concludes either the six-day schedule of Genesis 1 is not the true chronology, or science is wrong.  None of the compromises is intellectually honest.

For decades the dilemma has been assumed to be whether to believe the bible or science.

Now an alternate chronology has been recognized.  There are at least thirty-four major creation accounts in the bible, not just one up front as has been traditionally assumed.

In that myriad of biblical accounts is recorded a chronology that is not only inconsistent with the six-day chronology, it contains many more details, is consistent from account to account and consistent with reality even to the point that it predicts yet undiscovered scientific discoveries.

These are two different biblical chronologies, the six-day schedule that is found in only one account and inconsistent with both the rest of the bible and with reality, or the one found in thirty-four biblical accounts that is both internally consistent and consistent with reality.

The quandary then becomes:  Which biblical chronology is intended to be reality, and which is fiction?  Under the rules of logic, opposites cannot both be true.   Both could be fiction, or one could be true and the other fiction, but both could not be true; at least one must be fiction.  If one is to be considered to be the official position of the bible as to the actual chronology of the origins, then which one?

The answer to the quandary.

Recognizing and cataloguing thirty-four biblical creation accounts produces a different chronology of the origins than the six-day creation chronology that has been traditionally assumed to be the "biblical" creation account.

It produces one that is consistent within all biblical creation accounts.

Not only is it consistent from account to account to account, it is also consistent with the order of events found in the chronology discovered by modern science

Even the one account containing the six-day chronology has the same chronology that is consistent from account to account and with reality; the six-day chronology of the Sabbath Principle appears to have been overlain upon a pre-existing ancient scripture account.

The six-day chronology of Genesis 1 was never intended to be the chronology of the beginnings.

There is an intellectually honest resolution to the six-day chronology of Genesis 1.

It was intended to be simply be a way of using one of the biblical creation accounts as a tool for illustrating the seven days of the Sabbath doctrine.

It is superimposed on one of the many biblical creation accounts that have the true chronology that is in accord with reality. Further, the six day schedule of creation is mentioned in only three places in the bible and is always in the context of the Sabbath principle. See, Intellectually Honest Answer to the Six Days of Genesis Dilemma.

Secular scholars in the evolutionary mindset have speculated that the Ancient Hebrew religion evolved from an earlier Ancient Egyptian Religion. However, an intellectually honest study of the technical information reveals that certain technical elements of the Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth were passed to the source of that myth through the interaction of Joseph with his father-in-law, the High Priest of the same Ancient Egyptian Temple where that myth later originated. Also, the Ancient Egyptian Hymn to Aten, which secular scholars have speculated was the source for Psalm 104 because of its remarkable similarities, and the assumption that Psalm 104 did not exist until recorded in the book of Psalms at the later time of King David, although having many similarities, contains absolutely none of the technical information that is common to both Psalm 104 and Job 38, which is the same technical information mentioned above which was passed through Joseph from Job 38 to the temple which was later the source of the Hymn to Aten.

If true technical information shows up in Ancient Religious literature, it had to come from a knowledgeable source.
It does show up in both ancient Hebrew and Egyptian religious literature
Recent discovery of 4 such heretofore undiscovered points It can be traced back to the Ancient Hebrew Religion Through Joseph to his father-in law the Egyptian High Priest
The Ancient Hebrew literature claims it came from the extra-terrestrial creator of the heavens and earth.
Not only cannot humans make up valid technical information without knowledge, they cannot even keep it valid,
Technical information was published and preserved in the Ancient Scriptures of the bible.
Consistency of Biblical Technical information with reality affirms its validity.
Inconsistency of Human interpretation, with reality, affirms its invalidity.
Humans misinterpret technical information.
Traditional belief vs. Original publication
Original technical meaning key to understanding
If a Higher Power exists as the origin of the information, it is the "God" of the bible, not the "God" of Religions
The God of the Bible vs. the God of Religion

Best regards,

Max B. Frederick

Max B. Frederick, an Old Scientist.